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IN PROGRESS: Short Film “In a Laundromat”

A short film has started its production as it had gone through a couple of revisions in the script. The feedback from actors and crew members have helped shape the story in a much more visualized scenario. We are all excited to shoot the rest of the scenes in 16 mm!

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In a Laundromat takes place in a small laundromat in Piedmont, California, where two people in these early twenties come across each other while having relationship problems. The woman is a classic luddite, who is rare to be found at her age these days. The man she meets is a hipster who believes he can juggle his relationship with his girlfriend and his own shameless life. They beliefs about the ideal life styles clash one day in a laundromat when the man realizes he is short of a quarter to get his clothes dried. Inadvertently, he asks the woman who is deeply involved with listening to the middle weight boxing match between Dimitry Pirog and daniel Jacobs. The animated man choses the wrong candidate to ask for a quarter, for the woman is annoyed by the man’s strangly friendliness and is appalled by his dependency on technology. While they both find each other’s lifestyle to be the incorrect way of how one must live their life, they learn from each together that their interest in communication is still the same.

Log line:

A luddite meets a hipster at a laundromat. They taunt each other’s imperfect relationships by taunting each other’s lifestyles. When their beliefs clash in the laundromat, they learn that they are not so different from each other – just how they blame on their means of communication.

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