Lina Katano

Director of Photography, Writer



Lina Vezzani-Katano was born in Santa Clara, California and moved eight months later to Japan, where she lived for twelve years. Lina is now working towards her BFA in Film at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Her films focus on topics pertaining to immigrants and other and underrepresented minorities. 


In 2011, Lina and her production team snapfilms productions won the CCA’s annual R.A.W. (Real Artists at Work) Video contest. At the same time, she began working with KQED, FORUM as a videography and editorial as an intern for co-founder Robin Gianattassio-Malle.


Lina is currently broadening her skills as a director and a cinematographer. She is advancing her technical knowledge by working of 16 mm film productions with artist Simone Bailey.  

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